New semester greetings event is on 06/05/2021, Saturday@10am(est.); please contact us for free trial classes.

New Session (online only)

New Session (online only)

DB Tech is offering a new online session and greetings session is set for 10/24/2020, Sat@10am est. I would like to invite you to attend/join to this online session. You never know this offering training program and services may change your career path. On 10/24/2020, we will be discussing everything; from program details to what a student may expect after completion this training program.

Free classes: 11/07/2020 & 11/14/2020


Enrollment between 10/31 & 11/21

The students that will benefit from the instruction:

  • An individual who is working in a non- IT (Information Technology) profession and desires to change their career path.
  • An individual who is currently working as an IT professional but wants to become a Database Administrator.
  • College/university students interested in becoming a Database Administrator.
  • An individual looking for refresher training in this Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration.
  • College and University graduates who received degrees in database management but would like to receive hands-on and online interaction or instruction.

Are you willing to join and find out what DB Tech can offer you? We designed our every class with interview questions and answers, lab work and make the class materials and presentation real life work base with examples. Let me know if you are interested, I will send you meeting invite with ‘Meeting ID’ in order for you to join.


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    Sunil Biswas
    Mar, 01, 2019 9:53 AM
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      Sunil Biswas
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