We're excited to announce the upcoming orientation for the new semester, scheduled for 05/19 at 10 am EST. Mark your calendars! Additionally, we're offering free trial classes on 05/26 and 06/02, allowing you to experience our courses firsthand. The official start of the semester is on 06/16. For further details and inquiries, please don't hesitate to call us. We look forward to helping you embark on your educational journey!

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DB Tech is offering:

DB Tech Training Center provides training to the students with comprehensive theory, explanation, whiteboard writing, lab or demo with online or hands-on presentations to acquire knowledge and skills for SQL Server Database and Database Administrator roles and responsibilities.

This is a commitment to provide technical expertise, build database administration skills, and strengthen professional interpersonal skills that students can apply when starting working in this field. In this regard, DB Tech Training Center also provides career services such as preparing students for an interview, assisting in writing/creating a professional resume, and searching for Database Administrator jobs.s.

The Purpose of DB Tech Training Center:

The purpose of DB Tech Training Center is to provide training on Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration with the information students need to understand the Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration that will help when working as a SQL Server DBA (Database Administrator). A SQL Server DBA career is an attractive, desirable, stable, high-paying job but it requires educational and technical knowledge and skills. DB Tech Training Center is offering a database training program, and career services to those who are interested. During the term of the course, students will learn Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration and the function of the Database Administrator that will help them to get a Database Administrator job and obtain Microsoft certification.