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Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration (DBA)

DB Tech Training Center provides an in-depth Microsoft SQL Server training that covers all aspects of the MSSQL Database. We solely focus on Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration

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Below is a list of DB Tech Training Center top categories of courses. This is not an exclusive list as we always evolving with the market in our student’s advantage.

What our students have been saying

Student Testimonial

Taskeen Naseer

Sr. SQL Server Database Administrator (Lead DBA)

It’s really hard to find a right place where you get hands on training in Database . DBTech is the place where you can achieve your goals.Mr. Sunil is an incredible teacher and very helpful during tasks. He is very professional and dedicated person who provides the best. I strongly recommend this training center to learn and achieve.

Nishat Sirin (Sara)

Sr. SQL Server Database Administrator At SAIC

I’ve always had a passion to work in the IT field yet I thought I was lacking the skills to work in IT. DBTech made that possible. Sunil Biswas is very professional and his knowledge is beyond exceptional. He is very passionate in teaching and gives us hands-on experience with the real world. I highly recommend DBTech center to those who are interested in becoming a Microsoft SQL Server DBA. I have learned so much throughout the year from Sunil and was able to switch my career from a Banker to a SQL Server DBA with the help and support from Sunil and DBTech center provided to me. Sunil goes above and beyond to help out his students anytime of the day either texting, calling or via email. I have never had any experience where I needed help and he wasn’t there to guide me. Mr.Sunil and DBTech center treats everyone like a family and you can never find that anywhere else and the reason I am saying that is because I have experienced with different institutes and When I came to DBTech it was completely opposite. I am proud to say that I made the right decision by joining DBTech and having Sunil as my mentor. DBTech has made my dream come true and now I am a Sr. Database Administrator at SAIC.

Nishat Sirin Sara

Prof Yeah


As a Google local guide, it is not uncommon to recommend a place to someone easily in this virtual world. But when I say I recommend this training for you, I mean it. Mainly because its hands on. A thing that has diminished in these nowadays online training.

Gul Khan


Mr.Sunil is wonderful! Always on time, very knowledgeable on SQL server and more. This is the training place to come for IT (SQL) training. He is always available to help his students achieve their goals. I highly recommend DB Tech Training Center. Thank you Mr. Sunil!

Derek Le

Sr. SQL Server Database Administrator

I highly recommend DB Tech for anyone who is interested in Microsoft SQL Server. Mr. Sunil Biswas is an excellent instructor with years of experience. The class provides comprehensive information, hands-on training/labs, Microsoft certification preparation, and job market assistance. You will not find a more complete class and for a very fair price. I suggest anyone who is interested to come to one of the FREE intro classes for more information.

Derek Le
Sr. SQL Server Database Administrator

Anna U

Sr. SQL Server Database Administrator/Database Engineer

If you are looking to improve your skills as a database administrator or just looking to switch fields, or just looking for detailed hands-on experience. I recommend DB Tech training center, Sunil is a great instructor with many years of experience both working as a DBA and an instructor. He has a real understanding of how to teach and instruct newbies with no experience in field. In my time at the training center, I can honestly say that I learnt so much and was able to switch careers with the help of Sunil and the training center. DB Tech equips students with the right tools and experience to go into the Job market and be successful.——Anna U.

D. David

Sr. SQL Server Database Administrator

DB Tech is a school with highly professional and up to date Instructor in the Database world. You have easy access to the instructor, he carries every student along and make sure no one is left behind. He meets you at your level and brings you up to speed as others. Even after your learning phase, he works with you and help with certication exam preparation, interview preparation and even on the job. He goes the extra miles for his students. I highly recommend DB Tech to those with interest in Database.


Jenny A (N. Carolina)

SQL Server Database Administrator (Senior)

Dbtech was an excellent learning environment!!! I can’t explain in words how helpful all the prior students are and how friendly the atmosphere is for learning. Everyone is so helpful, and Mr. Biswas is the best teacher! He has always been there for me. I am now a full-time DBA, thanks to his effort in guiding and assisting me every step of the way. I am very grateful for this class and recommend it to anyone. If you pay attention in class and put in the effort, you should be a great DBA candidate within several months. I came in with no experience and was looking to change career paths. I started from nothing and, within six months, learned enough to be a full-time DBA. Mr. Biswas will take his time with any student who shows they are putting in effort and help you through anything you ask him for, including training for interviews.
Jennifer Akter
Title: SQL Server Database Administrator (Senior)

Rayhan Jubair (Florida)

SQL Server Database Administrator (Senior)

I enrolled at DBTech to learn SQL Server administration, and I was amazed by the quality of the training. The Sumilda was very knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly. He taught me all the foundations and industry best practices I needed to know to become a confident and competent DBA. Thanks to DBTech, I landed a job as a SQL Server DBA at a reputable company. I highly recommend catch to anyone wanting to pursue a database administration career.
SQL Server DBA/Database Admin

Angshuman Biswas

Sr. DBA Lead | Florida

‘DB Tech offers a Database Administration course for IT background or non-IT background students, who wants to stronger their knowledge and skills in SQL Server or wants to change their career and become an IT Professional. This course helps students to build their career as a Database Administrator. I would like to mention about teacher Mr. Sunil Biswas, who not only the best teacher also a great mentor. What makes the class and he’s different from other training center. First, I will mention the time and effort Mr. Sunil gives to his students to make sure no one falls behind. His support goes beyond the classroom too. Second, how the class curriculum is set. Everything a student will learn from the class will be able to use in their workplace daily. The best part of this course is the close attention to each student. Lastly, the ongoing support from DB Tech will be always with for its students while taking the course or they are in the field. ‘

Thank you


Foiz Mahbub

Sr. DBA & Developer

” I am Foiz Mahbub, used to look after our own restaurant business, had no IT backgrownd. When I decided to learn about Data base administration (DBA), I did my home work and read about some of the schools in and around VA. When I first came to DB Tech, was not sure if this is the right place, but after attending first few free introductory sessions, and having one to one conversation with my instructor Mr Sunil Biswas, I decided to give it a try. That was the starting point of a year long journey which changed my life, helped me learn and practice to be a DBA. I believe that the curriculum designed by Mr Sunil and style of his tutoring along with the invaluable personal care – sets DB Tech far apart from any other schools. If I could do it, so can you! Thank you Mr Sunil ! ”

Syed F. Mahbub
12732 Dogwood Hills Lane, Fairfax, VA-22033

Miton Dey

Sr SQL Server Database Administrator | Florida

DB Tech training center is a great organization to learn Microsoft SQL Server Database Management. Our teacher Mr. Sunil Biswas is very very knowledgeable, and Expert trainer for Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator in the Northern Virginia and one of the best hands-on training Centre. I really appreciate his hard work to made me a IT professional. Now I am a Senior DBA because of DB Tech training Centre. Class rooms are well equipped. Very nice environment for students.

Thank you
Miton Dey
Former DB Tech Student

Raihan Sultan


Db tech center is an excellent training center for learning hands on SQL server in an excellent and friendly training environment.
Mr. Sunil Biswas is an excellent, dedicated and professional Instructor who is patient and always takes his time going above and beyond making sure that all the students learn the lessons provided by the training center. Excellent training curriculum designed to teach those who has prior computer knowledge or those who has no computer background and also and excellent testing methodology that I really liked which keeps track of the students’ level of comprehension and understanding of the concepts and application of concepts hands on making sure that all the students in the class have learned and understood the lessons being taught in the class and for those who lag behind he provides extra training during other days of the week so that they keep up with the rest of the class. Providing the fact that he provides interview question and answers that prepares the students for the job interview I can say that it is not only a training center that only teaches SQL but it is also a center that cares about its students and prepares them for the job market. definitely I recommend this training center for all those who wants to learn SQL.

Kabir Ahmed Khan

SQL Server Database Administrator (Sr DBA, Application support DBA)

DB-TECH is one of the best schools that I have studied in, I have heard about DB-TECH from one of my friends who already completed his graduation and performing position as a DBA for a multinational company. After completion of my graduation from DB-TECH, I am working as a Database Administrator. DB-TECH is fully equipped and resourceful; teachers are very friendly and helpful. DB-TECH is one of best IT training school I have ever seen not only on a professional level, but personality wise as well.

I highly recommend DB TECH for those who are interested in IT field (MicroSoft SQL Database Administrator and Cloud computing program) this is this perfect place to build your future.

I wish all the best to DB TECH success.

Very respectfully

Muhammad Naseer

SQL Server Database Administrator (Sr. Principal DBA)

DB Tech Training center is an excellent organization to get SQL Server Database Management Training. Our mentor , Mr.Sunil Biswas, is an excellent , dedicated, passionate and experienced teacher. He is very knowledgeable , caring and always available to help his students. This class provides detailed hand-on training ,certification preparation and job market assistance . I strongly recommend  this training center to interested students who want to pursue their career in Database Management.

Thank you Mr. Sunil!
Muhammad Naseer
SQL Server  DBA

Afrina Jaigirdar

DB Tech's recent Graduate

I, strongly recommend DB-TECH training center, for anyone who is looking for learning in Microsoft SQL Server and working as a DBA. This is one of a kind institution, where you will get hands on experience, up to date course material and excellent instruction from an exceptional instructor. He goes beyond expectation for his students.
Mr.Sunil Biswas, is very professional and provide the best .He is very meticulous, detail oriented and caring. He is extremely knowledgeable, passionate and has tireless energy. His instruction is exemplary. He motivates all his students and brings everybody on board for success. You will not find this kind of complete course with hands on training elsewhere. The best part of the training is whenever you need any help Mr. Sunil is always there for you. He always make sure no one falls behind.
I consider myself, very fortunate to find Mr.Sunil as my instructor and a mentor. He will prepare you with the best resources and make sure that you are ready for the market. You will never regret to have this kind of training under this unique educator. Finally, the best part is whoever completed the course will be a member of DB tech family forever.
Best Regards,
Afrina jaigirdar (Canada)

Tuli Chowdhury

Senior SQL Server Database Administrator at SEHealth

From a recent Database Administrator.
I wanted to say few words about DB Tech Center and My very respected mentor Mr. Sunil Biswas (Dada).
DB Tech/ Mr. Sunil Sir “You Gave Me Wings and Taught Me to Fly” and I am proudly saying this phrase.
Today I am standing this position because of Mr. Sunil. It was little bump on the road during the interview process. Sunil Sir positively inspired me to believe me and showed me the right path.
I am very grateful for everything I have learned and guidance from the day one through the whole process getting ready for the Job Market, Interviews ‘till now.
I can never thank enough to Mr. Sunil for all your supports.
God Bless.

Shahana Laizu

DBA Training Completed | California

I am very proud to be a part of DB Tech family under the supervision of an excellent instructor Sunil Biswas. His in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in this field made him an extraordinary teacher. It won’t be a hyperbole if I say I have not seen such a devoted and energetic instructor in my life. He devotes a huge amount of time not only for his current students but also for those who have graduated earlier. He is always available for his students. Mr. Sunil is a genuine teacher. His sincerity and the effort he put on for his students makes me feel more respect for him. One thing that I want to mention here is that as it is a lab-based program it makes the student very confident and help prepare for the real world. I really appreciate his patience in the class, as he always makes sure that no one is falling behind. He ensures 100% that all his students are on the same page. The up-to-date course materials and the detail notes that he provides are very conducive for learning. So, if you are looking for a mentor to guide you and provide you with insightful assistance for the whole interview process and who will help you reach your goal to be a DBA, Mr. Sunil is the right person for you.

From Shahana Laizu, CA, USA
– Training completed from DB Tech

Tanvir H (New York)

SQL Server DBA/Database Administrator

Tanvir H (New York)
SQL Server DBA/Database Administrator

This class was an amazing experience. There is so much that I learned
from my semester at DBTech, Mr. Biswas is an exceptional instructor.
This class can be taken for all skill levels regardless if you’re new
or have previous experience. It will literally cover everything from
the very basics to the far more complicated things later on in the
semester which by then you will be very comfortable learning. The
class notes given to you during each class alone are a tool I still
use to this day. The notes walk you through step by step every major
task you would need to do to maintain a database on a enterprise
level. The notes are thorough and clear and very easy to understand
even if you haven’t ever attempted one of the tasks. The class
sessions are open to all level of students, your open to ask
questions, Mr. Biswas will always stop for anyone and explain until
you are fully comfortable. Everything is shown to you on screen step
by step and set in an environment for you to be able to do the tasks
side by side as you learn. The environment is very supportive and the
class offers career tools and guidance for you to be a highly
productive DBA. I’ve been a DBA for a while now and I still use the
things I’ve learned from this class on a daily basis. You will always
feel supported through your whole journey. I still communicate with
the people from the class when I am stuck on an issue or have
questions. I can’t speak more highly of this experience.