We're excited to announce the upcoming orientation for the new semester, scheduled for 05/19 at 10 am EST. Mark your calendars! Additionally, we're offering free trial classes on 05/26 and 06/02, allowing you to experience our courses firsthand. The official start of the semester is on 06/16. For further details and inquiries, please don't hesitate to call us. We look forward to helping you embark on your educational journey!

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About Us



Hello, future students! We are DB Tech Training Center. A Center for learning Microsoft SQL Server Database the right way at the highest level, situated in Woodbridge, Virginia’s locally admired creative hub.
In 2010 the DB Tech Center opened its doors in Woodbridge, VA, and now online from anywhere students can join.
A transformational experience will shape your profile and help you launch your professional career as a Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator.

Service Highlights:

  • Provide Training in Microsoft SQL Server Database &  related  Technologies
  • Build Database Administrator Skills
  • Resume & Interview Preparation
  • Assist with a job placement

Whatever discipline you choose, you’ll find your old ideas challenged and your new ideas embraced. DB Tech Training Center is a place where together we are creating knowledge of the future.

At DB Tech Training Center, we are committed to training our students and supporting them through their careers. We paired our junior students with a class leader who provided the student’s necessary support from the beginning of the session until graduation.

We provide the highest quality technology training in Microsoft SQL Database Administration. Our classroom is state of the art, and our students get on-site labs and computers to do their hands-on lab that mimics the real-world database problem. Our online classes are similar to on-site classes because the class presentation, preparation, and class materials help students practice ‘hands-on’ on their personal computers. The step-by-step class notes guide students to work on their own. Every class note is included with screenshots; in-detail written steps will work as a live tutor. Attendees will see the screen, listen, and communicate through audio/video or chat. Every online attendee will receive a complete recording of each class session, which will help to review anytime. 

We provide personalized attention one-on-one to all our students. Our certified and currently working in the field of IT instructors can provide in-depth analysis to our students.

Our students will get the best training and knowledge they can put into practice in the real world if or when they can get this career opportunity. It is essential to know that Structured Query Language (SQL) Server Database Administration is a Microsoft SQL Server Database training program.

Upon completing the program, a “Certificate of Completion” will be provided to all our students. The DB Tech Training Center is consistently implementing and seeking effective new strategies, advanced teaching methods, and materials to accomplish the goals and objectives of this Database Training Program.​​​​​​​


Thinking Differently
When communities across our States are adjusting to new ways of learning, working, and living, DB Tech Training Center’s resiliency and innovation keep its community moving forward.
Our students complete the program and head out to start their careers multiple times a year. Some of them came back to talk to the new students and encouraged them to complete the Program. Previous students came back to support the new students by working hands-on lab with them. Provide their perspective on how they landed their first job as a DBA.
I look forward to hearing your stories as you graduate and come back to tell the new class. Your aspirations and ideas for our future, and I hope you will reach out to us at DB Tech Training Center if you have questions.

Our Mission

DB Tech Training Center is dedicated to providing training in Database Administration to all students to learn Microsoft Structured Query Language (SQL) Server Database Administration effectively to reach their career goals.

We promise that we will work with each student collectively, ensuring they understand the role and responsibility of a Microsoft SQL Server Database.

Our Vision

The vision of the DB Tech Training Center is to provide students with high-quality, hands-on database training and fully develop the necessary skills that may help them work in this DBA field.​​​​​​

Our Values

Values are an essential part of what we do. We trained people to become the best of themselves and excel in the Database Administration career field.

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

When building or migrating a system to the cloud, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS, it is imperative to possess the necessary knowledge to construct a secure and efficient design. The fundamental considerations include creating a disaster recovery plan, ensuring data privacy, and optimizing resource utilization. It is equally essential to be able to scale up or down the system as required, handle spikes in traffic, and mitigate critical failures. At our institution, we provide practical training on proactively addressing these potential scenarios.

Our institution offers Azure Well-Architected Framework training, which encompasses designing, constructing, and continuously improving a secure, reliable, and efficient application. In addition to Azure, we provide comprehensive training on Amazon cloud computing. Microsoft SQL Server is compatible with both platforms, and our instructors will teach you how to leverage this capability to its full potential.

Join our program and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to build, manage, and optimize cloud-based systems efficiently and effectively.

Here is one of the migration diagrams on AWS from the SQL Server standalone platform we are pleased to share with you:

DB Tech Training Center will teach you the latest and most significant Database related technology, from development to the implementation phase and after live data on managing the security piece, high availability with RPO (Recovery Point Object) & RTO (Recovery Time Object).

Future Students

About Us:

At DB Tech Training Center, we believe that everyone has a dream, and to make it a reality, one needs to set long-term and short-term goals and work toward them diligently. Established in 2015, DB Tech Training Center is an authorized institution that offers comprehensive online classes to individuals seeking to launch their careers as Database Administrators.

Our founder and administrator are committed to providing top-notch training to aspiring DBA administrators, and our Center has helped hundreds of students earn their certificates and become proficient in the skills required for this dynamic field. We are proud that our alums are now full-fledged DBA administrators and some work in this exciting industry.

Our training program caters to working parents, college/university students, new individuals interested in the DBA career, or those in the IT field looking to change their career path. Our courses are structured to be affordable and open to everyone.

At DB Tech Training Center, we take pride in our success and strive to make every student feel like a part of our family. Our dedicated instructors are committed to providing personalized support and guidance to our students, and we work closely with them every step of the way.

Join the DB Tech family today, and let us help you achieve your dreams!

We’re moving forward! The Future.

Research indicates that Database Administration is a highly sought-after job in the DC, VA, and MD areas, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 11% employment growth for database administrators by 2024, ranking it as the 6th best technology job.

DB Tech Training Center offers a comprehensive Database Administration training program and career services for individuals interested in advancing their technical SQL Server Database Administration skills and career goals. The Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook suggests aspiring Database Administrators should consider education, certification, and work experience in this field. DB Tech Training Center provides industry-standard training environments for students to learn on actual working platforms and prepares them to sit for the software vendor’s certification test.

According to the Virginia Workforce Connection report, hundreds of Database Administrator jobs are available statewide, and the projected job growth of 11% between 2014 and 2024 shows that this trend is expected to continue. The median salary for this position is $84950 per year, and the job outlook is faster than average. DB Tech Training Center aims to train 30 students annually to meet Virginia’s growing demand for Database Administrators.

The program (CIP Code: 11.0802) is offered by George Mason University and American Public University, providing degree and certification credentials. However, there aren’t many technical training institutes in Woodbridge, where DB Tech Training Center is located. Nevertheless, with many DBA job openings in VA, this training institute can fill the gap by providing training on SQL Server Database Administration and building DBA skills that can lead to job opportunities.

According to the Virginia Employment Commission’s data, as of April 24, 2017, 663 Database Administrator positions were open in Virginia, indicating a growing demand for Database Administrators in this area. DB Tech Training Center’s program can help fill some of these vacancies by providing the necessary training and skills to aspiring DBAs.



We offer Microsoft SQL Server Database classes that help individual like you becomes Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the advantages of taking classes online?
  • Convenience and flexibility are the most common advantages of online classes; you can join online from anywhere.
  • Share your screen and watch the class presentation at the same time.
  • Taking classes online is ideal for someone who wants to continue working while earning/learning Microsoft SQL Server Database technology and DBA skills.
  • Online classes allow you to fit school into your schedule when convenient for you.
How much time should I spend on one class every week?
  • The time you spend in a class can vary; usually, you should spend four additional hours beside your class participation in a week.
    After you pass about 13 weeks, you should start reading the Interview Questions & Answers set, and the institute will provide this set. From this point, you should increase a little bit your study time.
  • Our goal is to finish the training course and be ready for the job hunts, and this is only possible if you spend a reasonable amount of time (4-6 hours weekly) on your study purpose.
    Remember, it depends on each individual based on their ability.
How is the material available online?

DB Tech Training Center uses the Zoom app for this online class. Each class day, the student will join with a unique meeting ID. The instructor and students’ interaction will be via video/audio, chatting, or calling individually or in groups, and the best option is to share the screen with the recording. Here is a demo of how it works:

Click on the following link, and it will take you to the

https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84344206464?pwd=YXd5U0d1eTRWeCtmQkRnaTcydURGdz09: This is the meeting hub where you can see rooms set up with specific days and times.

Here is one of the links when students attend the class:

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The following screen shows the instructor can share the screen and interact with students with audio/video. After each class day, the homework will be done by email and text messaging. All the class notes send each week before the actual class. Students will submit a final project and work documents such as diagrams and image capturing every session. They will present a final project within six months; the passing project score is essential to complete the specific semester.

The school has a library that is accessible when the center is open. The institute shares library resources (soft copy class notes, interview preparation Q&A, and other learning materials) with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, email, or texting.

How do I interact with the professor?

All students begin their MS SQL Server Database Administrator course at DB Tech Training Center by attending online or onsite. Through this experience, you will meet your program faculty. Throughout the course, this enhances the relationship, as you will always have a face to connect with the name.

A transformational experience that will shape your unique profile and help you launch your professional career.

Professors are very accessible and responsive to students via email or text. Students and instructors communicate primarily through course sites and emails in online courses. Some instructors utilize Microsoft Team, Skype, or TeamViewer for class chats, conference calls, or Practical system setup. The instructor will answer/respond to your questions and inquiries within 24 hours if you send an email or text message.

Are there group projects within online courses?

Yes, group projects are often a part of online courses. Students are grouped and given a topic to investigate. The intent is for the students to work together electronically to accomplish their goals. Often, groups prepare and give PowerPoint presentations electronically by emailing each other draft versions and then posting the final product to the student discussion board.

Students are often divided into groups or learning communities to discuss questions or cases developed by the faculty. By dividing students into small groups (versus entire class), the faculty can facilitate students getting to know each other better and achieve a higher level of interconnectivity.

How long or the length of the training session?

The program is for six months; one class is on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday, whichever day you have registered for the session). The optional evening session is on Wednesday (6:30 pm-8:30 pm).

Online classes: Saturday/Sunday 10 am – 2 pm and Wednesday after six weeks starting any new session.

Total clock hours: 130

Duration: Six months (24/26 weeks)

If I miss any class/classes, am I will able to recover, if yes then how?

When a student is away from school for an excused reason, such as sickness, illness of an immediate family member, job requirement, or emergency travel, the instructor will help them catch up if needed. In this case, an absence will not be recorded against that student. If you are missing classes without notifying us, your responsibility to contact other students or instructors to receive the information, materials, and recording if applicable. 

How can I register/enroll to the training program?
  1. Attend the orientation or greetings session (online or onsite, whichever is applicable)
  2. Take free demo classes (optional)
  3. Submit/send the questionnaires form
  4. Submit/send registration and  payment plan forms with the enrollment deposit
  5. Submit/send a copy of your ID
  6. A valid email address and cell phone number to communicate
  7. Make sure your PC (laptop or desktop, surface pro) meets the requirements/specifications as follows;
  • Windows 10/11 (no safe mode), screen size 14”, 15.6.”
  • CPU- i5 or i7 (Intel), MEMORY/RAM: minimum 6GB
  • Brand:  Lenovo, Dell, Surface Pro, Surface laptop
  • Storage: HDD (1TB), SSD (128/256/512GB)
  • Microsoft Office

Attend My Next Class!

Our online new class greetings session is on 05/06/2023, Saturday@10am est; please call or text us for the meeting ID (703-595-6709).